Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 2017 (Issue III, Vol IV)

Women in Art 278 Magazine's April 2017 issue is here! Read the magazine online or purchase the magazine. With our diverse collection of artists, we hope you fall madly in love with a few pieces of artwork presented ...  if not, all of them. To learn more about an artist or to view more of her work, click on the arrow at the top corner of the individual artist's page in our online edition. The printed edition has contact information in the directory found in the back of the magazine.

Congratulations to the Cover Page Artists: Tamar Branitzky (front) and Ira Bansal (back).

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Featured Artists

  • ​​Aatmica Ojha: Contemporary Abstract
    Karnataka, India

  • Alicia C. Hall: Acrylic
    St. Mary, Jamaica

  • Alisa Cerrer: Oil Painting
    British Columbia, Canada
  • Ángeles M. Pomata: Oil Painting
    Almería, Spain
  • Ava Shelton: Acrylic, Charcoal
    Pennsylvania, USA
  • Beverly Dennis: Painting
    Texas, USA
  • Birgit Kalkofen: Contemporary
    Hessen, Germany
  • Chris Ambrose: Acrylic
    Pennsylvania, USA
  • Crystal Law: 3D Digital Art
    New York, USA
  • Deane Bowers: Mixed Media
    South Carolina, USA
  • Denyse Gibbs: Digital Collagism
    New South Wales, Australia
  • Eva Brejlová: Watercolour Illustration
    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Ira Bansal: Acrylic
    Texas, USA
  • Jan Schlieper: Textiles
    Colorado, USA
  • Jena Medders: Acrylic, Mixed Media
    Mississippi, USA
  • Jilian Cramb: Acrylic
    Michigan, USA
  • Karen Lillard: Abstract
    Ohio, USA
  • Karen Trout: Oil Painting
    Idaho, USA
  • Kathy Linden: Acrylic
    Florida, USA
  • Kiki Xuebing Wang: Oil Painting
    California, USA
  • Liesl Marelli: Photography
    Florida, USA
  • Marie Conigliaro: Vintage Collage
    Colorado, USA
  • Monique Hierck: Surrealism
    Zuid Holland, Netherlands
  • Nancy Almazan: Oil, Engraving
    Deux-Sèvres, France
  • Nina Luna: Acrylics
    California, USA
  • Ronda Breen: Acrylic
    Arizona, USA
  • Sheila Thomas: Acrylic
    Virginia, USA
  • Sparrow Davies: Colour
    Hampshire, United Kingdom
  • Susan Parrish: Nantucket Basket Weaving
    Massachusetts, USA 
  • Tamar Branitzky: Textile Designer
    Tel Aviv, Isreal
  • Tamara Smerechynska: Ceramics
    Kiev, Ukraine
  • Therese Misner: Acrylic
    Oregon, USA

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