Wednesday, January 18, 2017

An iPad Canvas


  If you asked me that question a year ago, I may not have had the answer.  The Arts have been a large part of my life.  About a year ago, I happened upon an article regarding a famous international artist from England.  After decades of traditional painting he traded his canvas and brushes for an iPad and stylus.  He continues to create beautiful works.

This piqued my interest, so I picked up my iPad and started on a new journey.  The first thing I did was look for an app.  Most apps were good but very technical.  I wanted to paint as I always had "free hand"  and after searching the available apps, I came upon one that worked for me.  All of the tools are in a digital wooden art set. This includes Oils,  Acrylics, Pastels, Pens, Charcoal, and Brushes of all shapes and sizes. Just about everything  you'll ever need.

 It took me a few months to find my style. I compare it to songwriting in this respect.  In songwriting you need a ''Hook,''  something that makes your song unique so people will want to hear it over and over again. In my opinion, this relays to art as well. You want people to see a painting and know it's yours.  My Hook in iPad painting is that all my paintings are done on a Black background.

  Whether you're a professional artist or just want to express yourself, I believe you'll find iPad art fun and rewarding. Oh and yes, when you're done with your painting,  there's nothing to clean up :)

Happy IPad Painting!



Michele Kourtis is a published and recorded songwriter and artist living in Hackensack, New Jersey, USA who was featured in the January 2017 issue of Women in Art 278 magazine. For more about her art visit here.