Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year & Happy Reading!


Women in Art 278 Magazine's January issue is here! Read the magazine online or purchase the magazine. With our diverse collection of artists, we hope you fall madly in love with a few pieces of artwork presented ...  if not, all of them. To learn more about an artist or to view more of her work, click on the arrow at the top corner of the individual artist's page in our online edition. The printed edition has contact information in the directory found in the back of the magazine.

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Featured Artists

  • Ai Ishii of Japan: Jewelry & Stones
  • Bandana Jain of India: Home Decor & Interior Designing
  • Barbara Hranilovich of the USA: Encaustic
  • Catherine Twomey of the USA: Landscape Oil
  • Dora Hathazi Mendes of Portugal: Liquid Watercolor Ink
  • DoraMichele Ferguson of the USA: Acrylic
  • Dorrett Lomas of the UK: Oil Painting
  • Faye Anastasopoulou of Greece: Oil on Canvas
  • Heather Crowther of the Czech Republic: Abstract
  • Jane Biven of the USA: Resin Art Mixed Media
  • Julie Bond of the UK: Oil Painting
  • Karen Stahlros of Sweden: Photography
  • Kume Bryant of the USA: Expressive Abstract Painting
  • Liesl Marelli of the USA: Photography
  • Marnie Patchett of the USA: Photography
  • Michele Koutris of the USA: Digital Paintings
  • Monique Hierck of the Netherlands: Surrealism Heart & Soul Art
  • Nevena Vaklinova of Bulgaria: Sculpture
  • Olga Zavgorodnya of Canada: Acrylic
  • Pamela Iris Harden of New Zealand: Printmaking & Mixed Media
  • Pennie McCracken of Canada: Artography
  • Rachel Nadler of Israel: Ceramic Design
  • Raphaella Vaisseau of the USA: Watercolor & Mixed Media
  • Rita Niblock of the USA: Pencil
  • Stephanie Holznecht of the USA: Acrylic
  • Teresa Grace Fourre of the USA: Watercolor
  • Valerie Ley Alter of Switzerland: Bag Design