Friday, July 1, 2016

Women in Art 278 Magazine (July 2016)


Women in Art 278 Magazine's July issue is here! Read the magazine online or purchase the magazine. With our diverse collection of artists, we hope you fall madly in love with a few pieces of artwork presented ...  if not, all of them. To learn more about an artist or to view more of her work, click on the arrow at the top corner of the individual artist's page in our online edition. The printed edition has contact information in the directory found in the back of the magazine.  

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  • Ageliki Alexandridou: Oil on Canvas (Greece)
  • Aldina H Beganovic: Acrylic (Italy) 
  • Ana Dawani: Oil and Acrylic (Jordan)
  • Ava Dadoun: Spray Paint (Canada) 
  • Bijna Balan: Pencil Drawing and Acrylic Painting (Germany) 
  • Carol Bostan: Turkish-Themed Acrylic (United Kingdom)
  • Caron Sloan Zuger: Watercolor (USA)
  • Christiane Kingsley: Watercolor and Acrylic (Canada)
  • Dominique Amendola: Oil Painting (USA)
  • Elaine Smith: Watercolor and Acrylics (USA) 
  • Elena Feliciano: Acrylic and Mixed Media (USA)
  • Elizabeth Cox: Acrylic and Mixed Media (Canada)
  • Elizabetha Fox: Mixed Media (United Kingdom)
  • Ellada Amvrosiadou: Oils, Acrylics, and Pencils (Cyprus)
  • Eunice Warfel: Alcohol Ink (USA)
  • Irina Afonskaya: Oil Painting, Watercolor, and Acrylic (Bulgaria)
  • Isabelle Savard-Filteau: Paint, Photography and Digital Drawing (Canada)
  • Jessica  Cabral: Collage and Mixed Media (USA)
  • Katarzyna Scaber: Acrylic (USA)
  • Laurie Search: Photography (USA)
  • Liesl Marelli: Photography (USA)
  • Lynn Hopwood: Nature Photography (USA)
  • Marilyn McNish: Acrylic on Canvas (Canada)
  • Nikki Dalton: Acrylic (Canada)
  • Peggy Johnson: Acrylic on Stretched Canvas (USA)
  • Rachel Bingaman: Oil Painting (USA)
  • Stephanie Zelaya: Impressionist Abstract
  • Trishia Crane: Oil, Acrylic and Mosaic (USA)
  • Tristen Patriz: Abstract Acrylic (Canada) 

Women in Art 278 (July 2016)
Issue IV, Volume III. Women in Art 278 Magazine showcases women in the arts from across the globe. Art genres include Watercolor, Oil Painting, Photography, Abstract Impressionism, Alcohol Ink, Spray Paint, Pencil Drawing and more. For more information visit We welcome new artists.