Thursday, March 31, 2016

April 2016 (Issue III, Vol III)

Ladies, Gentlemen and all art enthusiasts -- here is our latest issue of Women in Art 278 Magazine. Our April 2016 issue features 36 artists from across the globe. Listed below are their names and art genres. We'd like to extend a special congratulations to Hungarian Artist: Kovács Anna Brigitta!!

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  • Afsaneh Taebi: Painting (Turkey)
  • Agata Lindquist: Acrylic and Mixed Media (USA)
  • Andrea Mendes Ribeiro: Mixed Media (Brazil)
  • Beverly Everson: Digital Art (USA)
  • Britta Glodde: Mixed Media (Germany)
  • Carolina Bertsch: Oil and Acrylic Paintings (Brazil)
  • Christie Brunet: Acrylic, Ink (Canada)
  • Colleen Quinn: Pastel/Charcoal (Ireland)
  • Cynthia Ferrer: Watercolor, Tempera (Argentina)
  • Daniela Giordano: Oil on Canvas (Italy)
  • Gayane Karapetyan: Acrylic (Canada)
  • Heather Hubbard: Nature Photography (USA)
  • Helga Balashova: Photography (Russia) 
  • Ilisa Millermoon: Acrylic Ink (USA)
  • Ines Fugina Malnar: Intuitive Acrylics (Slovenia)
  • Jennie Traill Schaeffer: Oil Painting (USA)
  • Judith Zur: Oil Figurative (United Kingdom)
  • Kovács Anna Brigitta: Watercolor (Hungary)
  • Laura Schlotel: Fused Glass (United Kingdom)
  • Laurie Beringer: Handmade Jewelry (USA)
  • Liesl Marelli: Photography (USA)
  • Lou Lou: Acrylic (USA)
  • Manuela Nicolini: AQVACOLOR 4D (Italy)
  • Marisa Gabetta: Watercolor (Italy)
  • Marriam Bakht: Oil Painting (Pakistan)
  • Mary Tere Perez: Acrylic (Puerto Rico)
  • Michelle Hold: Abstract Gestural Painting (Italy)
  • Nismah Shargawi: Digital Art (Saudi Arabia)
  • Noshaba Bakht: Oils and Mixed Media (USA)
  • Sara Diciero: Painting (Argentina)
  • Spandana Nakka: Oil on Canvas (USA)
  • Susan Christie: Acrylic and Charcoal (Jamaica)
  • Tatiana Flores: Watercolor (Dominican Republic)
  • Tatiana Kiselyova: Visionary Painting (USA)
  • Tatiana Rusanova: Glass Painting (USA)
  • Therese Misner: Figurative Abstract (USA)

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Women in Art 278 (April 2016)
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Women in Art 278:
Women in Art 278 (April 2016)
Issue III, Volume III. Women in Art 278 Magazine showcases women in the arts from across the globe. Art genres include sculpture, oil painting, photography, acrylic painting, pop art, fine art and more. For more information visit We welcome new artists.