Friday, January 1, 2016

Kicking off the year ... January 2016's issue is here

January2016This is our favorite issue of the year because it's the PERFECT way to kick off a new year -- with new art, new artists and a variety of inspiring works to feast your eyes on. Our January 2016 issue features 34 artists from across the globe. Listed below are their names and art genres.

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Our cover page artists is Jolante Hesse of South Africa. Congratulations, Jolante!!!

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  • April Cook: Photography   (USA)
  • Claire Johnson: Acrylic and Mixed Media   (United Kingdom)
  • Darpan Kaur: Oil   (India) 
  • Ekaterina Fisun: Beaded Jewelry  (Ukraine) 
  • Elisaveta Sivas: Oil on Canvas Painting  (Cyprus)
  • Haejung Choi: Drawing, Narrative Art, Collage  (South Korea) 
  • Inga Vereshchagina: Painting   (USA)
  • Iris Lurkin: Alcohol Based Ink Markers   (Belgium)
  • Jacquet Florence: Art Contemporain - Acrylic  (France)
  • Jolante Hesse: Oil  (South Africa)  ** Cover Page Artist
  • Julia Powell: Oil, Watercolor, Pastel  (USA)
  • Kari Gehrke: Digital Typography  (USA)
  • Karin Leonard: Oil  (USA)
  • Kathy Linden: Acrylic Painting  (USA)
  • Laurie Beringer: Handmade Jewelry  (USA)
  • Liesbeth Verboven: Oil and Acrylic Painting  (Belgium)
  • Liesl Marelli: Photography  (USA)
  • Malia Zaidi: Oil  (USA) 
  • Manda Noorzad: Abstract   (Turkey)
  • Maya Ahmed: Oil Painting   (India)
  • Melissa Bharwani: Acrylics   (Netherlands Antilles)
  • Nicole Gaitan: Acrylic on Canvas with Splatter   (USA)
  • Noora Alsabek: Acrylic  (Sweden) 
  • Noshaba Bakht: Oils and Mixed Media  (USA)
  • Olympia Letsiou: Sculpture    (Greece)
  • Parnita Senjit: Mixed Media   (United Kingdom)
  • Rineke de Jong: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Pencil   (Netherlands) 
  • Roni Ruth Palmer: Acrylic Paintings  (Israel) 
  • Sarah Hinnant: Abstract Modern   (USA) 
  • Sonali Kukreja: Oils and Acrylics   (USA) 
  • Tanya Orme: Abstract Expressionism   (USA) 
  • Taryn Walker: Painting   (South Africa) 
  • Therese Misner: Painting  (USA) 
  • Toni Silber-Delerive: Painting   (USA) 

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