Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Newsletter: Details about the upcoming issue

Announcement from Women in Art 278 Magazine
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Approaching Deadline

December 12th, is the final day to submit artwork for our January 2016 issue. 

(Can you believe it's the end of the year already?!)

Link to the submission form
Link to commonly asked questions / answers

Please ensure all artwork is named properly and is 300dpi
and do not add a digital watermark / signature to artwork. Artists who
physically sign their art may (of course) do so but artists who add a computer-based
signature or copyright symbol to their art will be rejected. 

Do you have an art show coming up?

If you have upcoming art shows / exhibitions, send us the link on facebook along with a brief write up. Be sure the write up includes information about the art exhibit, location, dates, etc. We'll post it to our page and website as well. 
Did you check out the October 2015 issue? Here's a direct link.
Or purchase a printed edition or digital download here

Please forgive us if we are slow at responding to emails or messages during the holiday season.