Wednesday, September 30, 2015

October 2015 Magazine Issue Release

Hello, October! Please enjoy our colorful and diverse October 2015 issue featuring 42 amazing artists ranging from pastels to pop art to mixed media and ceramics. We'd like to say an extra special congratulations to cover page artist Jessilyn Park of Florida, USA.

With the free online edition, you'll be able to click the upper corner of each artist's page to view additional artwork on her website, facebook, instagram, etc. We encourage everyone to share the magazine with their network and continue supporting women in the arts.

In this entry (at the bottom below the list of artists' names found in this issue) you'll find the free online edition of the magazine that you can view from your computer, phone or tablet. As well, you'll find the link where you may purchase a copy of the magazine (we ship internationally) or buy a digital download.

Interior Page Samples from this issue

Artists featured in this issue are as follows: 

Alice Bach Hyde, P.S.A.
Alabama, USA

Angie Harris
Digital Photography
Missouri, USA

Arlene Rabinowitz
Arava, Israel

Briley Pickerill
Wyoming, USA

Carmel Joseph
Pennsylvania, USA

Cherie Giampietro
Maine, USA

Cristina Parus
Mixed Media
Bucharest, Romania

Daniela B. Eidt
Washington, USA

Denise Peat
Oil and Acrylic Paintings
British Columbia, Canada

Elena Roush
Oil on canvas
Utah, USA

Elena Tronina
Watercolor / Graphic
Warsaw, Poland

Emily Ryan
Pennsylvania, USA

Erica Hackett
Pop Art
New York, USA

Ira Samyra
Acrylic Painting
Bali, Indonesia

Irina Babanova
Digital Photography
Tokyo, Japan

Irina Sztukowski
California, USA

Jamie Swim
Hawaii, USA

Jessilyn Park
Florida, USA

Kim Testone
New York, USA

Kinga Britschgi
Digital Art
Idaho, USA

Laurie Beringer
Handmade Jewelry
Ohio, USA

Lia (Aqualia) Kaderoglou
Mixed Media
Thessaloniki, Greece

Lidia Essen
Novokuznezk, Russia

Liesl Marelli
Florida, USA

Magdalene Pougoura
Digital Painting on Processed Photograph
Thessaloniki, Greece

Marietjie Henning
Oils on canvas
Mpumalanga, South Africa

Marta Saad
Novara, Italy

Maya Manolova
Sofia, Bulgaria

Melanie Liotta
Stoneware Pottery
California, USA

Naomi VanDoren
Watercolor & Digital Painting
Florida, USA

Nicole Grimm-Hewitt
Contemporary Painting
NSW, Australia

Ningning Li
Lima, Peru

Olesya Sytnyk
Oil Pastel
California, USA

Olivia Bonham
Digital Restoration of Old Master Art
Texas, USA

Pamela Peters
Kansas, USA

Riana van Staden
Digital Art
Gauteng, South Africa

Sheila Thomas
Virginia, USA

Shlomit Ofir
Jewelry Design
Tel Aviv, Israel

Solvita Balode
Vidzeme, Latvia

Therese Misner
Oregon, USA

Victoria General
Watercolour / Pastel
Ontario, Canada

Wendy J. St. Christopher
Digital Photographic Art
Texas, USA

Women in Art 278 Magazine (October 2015)
56 pages, published 10/1/2015
Issue I, Volume III. Women in Art 278 Magazine showcases women in the arts from across the globe. Art genres include ceramics, oil painting, photography, acrylic painting, pop art, fine art and more. For more information visit We welcome new artists.