Monday, September 8, 2014

Work for free?

Have you been asked to work for free?

Although there is a basic respect for artists (famous ones, at least) there is still a questionable fog creating an odd impression of lesser-known artists. Creating art is a profession. It requires time, energy, equipment/tools and, to be honest, often is fraught with more roadblocks than a "regular" job. Artists are undervalued until they strike gold ... and, it's sometimes hard to not feel defeated. What's worse, perhaps, is when a person or business asks you to work for free. Why do they do that? You don't ask your dentist to work for free or a clerk or your accountant ... so why do people often expect artists to say, "Yes, I'll work for free. Why not?" We have bills just like everyone else and commissioned work and sales are imperative to our success ... until the day we strike gold.

What are your experiences with clients or requests from clients/friends asking for free art? 

i am an artist.
this does not mean i will work for free.
just like you, i have bills to pay and a family to feed.
thank you for understanding. 

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