Friday, May 16, 2014

Changes Underway with Women in Art 278

To better serve our readers and artists, we are modifying our magazine calendar. We are going to move from a monthly publication to quarterly: Publishing dates January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Each issue will offer more artists, which means more diversity! Women in Art 278 Magazine will continue to be free online as an e-magazine and a printed issue will be offered as well. We understand that some artists and readers pay a hefty tax when they receive international items so there is also a digital download option as well so they can print it locally if they prefer.

So, how does this affect our cover page contests? We will select a cover page artist without any themed restrictions or limitations. We may also have two featured artists (one on the front cover, one on the back cover) depending on the layout and size of the art submitted. That means two artists per issue may be featured. There is no additional cost for having an artist selected for the front or back cover. 

When artists submit their artwork, the submission process will remain the same. Artists may submit work for their individual artist pages. If they'd like to be considered for the cover, they may submit an additional piece of art along with a write up about the artwork. 

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