Thursday, May 1, 2014

May is here! Check it out.

Our May issue has arrived! A special congratulations to cover page artist winner Anne Cameron Cutri. You can read about the inspiration behind the piece inside. We are pleased and honored to welcome new artists and returning ones. We hope you enjoy the variety of art presented in this issue and become a collector of some of their work. (Don't you sometimes wish you could make your home into a living museum filled to the rim of women in art whose art speaks to you?!)

There are two ways to check out the magazine: (1) Read it for free here or (2) Go here to purchase a printed edition or to download it as a PDF.

Many thanks to our contributing artists

  • Anne Cameron Cutri: Oil on Canvas
  • Ginette Callaway: Oil Paintings
  • Gladiola Sotomayor: Painting and Sculpture 
  • Ilisa Millermoon: Acrylic Ink on Watercolor Paper
  • Ines Fugina Malnar: Intuitive Acrylics
  • Kate Salvi: Digital Photography
  • Kellie Parry: Photography
  • Liesl Marelli: Photography
  • Lorena Balea-Raitz: Watercolour Illustration 
  • Marian Palucci: Mixed Media
  • Marie Wise: Oil Painting
  • Murielle Nicolas: Light Painting Photography
  • Naomi Ruth: Ink and Watercolour
  • Svetlana Senchurova: Painting and Origami 
  • Tamara Martynovich: Crochet
  • Theresa Durant: Photography
  • Veronica Codignoni: Digital Photography
  • Zaakirah Muhammad: Photography