Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Reviews - Feel the love!

Check out some of our reviews here. We are elated every time an artist reaches out to us to tell us how happy they were to join our magazine. It's an honor and a privilege to work with so many talented female artists each month. 

If you would like to join us, check out our easy submission form. After submitting, you will be prompted to pay for either a single or a double page (depending on your preference). All contributing artists can submit for the cover page art contest. 

The calendar for the remaining 2014 months are 
April - Earth Day
May - The Circle of Life
June - Anti-Human Trafficking / Anti Drug Abuse
July - Summer Celebration
August - Celebrating Indigenous Cultures
September - Celebrating Literacy
October - Celebrating World Animal Day
November - Celebrating International Tolerance 
December - Honoring World AIDS Day (all red art welcome)