Thursday, February 6, 2014

Art Contests: March, April, May, June & July

Our upcoming art contest schedule is as follows:

March 2014 Water: Celebrating and promoting clean water (worldwide) and free access for all beings to clean water.

April 2014 Nature & Our Planet: Celebrating Earth Day and everything you admire about our beautiful planet.

May 2014 Circle of Life: Celebrating the circle of life from pregnancy, motherhood, birthing, midwives and mothering.

June 2014 Anti Trafficking: To recognize the global issue of human trafficking. In order to end this rampant global issue, our first step is bringing awareness to it.

July 2014 Summer Celebration: Open to all interpretations. What do you love most about summer?

Our cover page art contests are open to all female artists across the globe. In order to contribute, please complete the application through our online form. Artists participating in cover page contests are required to provide a write up about how their artwork directly or abstractly connects with the contest theme. Artists may write in their native language.

If you have any questions about how to contribute or what is needed, please contact us by writing a comment below, contacting us using the contact form on the right column of the blog or through our facebook page.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost? 
    • It costs $15 to submit for the art contest. However, any artists who pays $15 for the art contest also gets a single page spread in the magazine. So, whether your art is selected for the cover or not, it will still be featured! Once you complete the application, you can pay using these options here
  • How do I submit my art?
    • We have an easy-to-use online form where you can provide all of your information, the images of your art work and the write up. Click here to view the online application. All submissions are final so please, please, please do not contact us with changes to the write up, the art you selected and so on. 
  • How much should I write for my write up? 
    • We suggest reading our past issues to see how we highlight our cover page artists and feature their write up. Don't be overwhelmed by the write up requirement. We suggest being honest and open about the artwork, your inspiration, the subject and the theme. Most artists whose art connects with a theme tend to have a bit to say about it, which is GREAT! But, for those who don't feel comfortable with their grammar, we will edit it in English and help it flow together nicely if you are selected. 
  • What happens if I'm not selected? 
    • You still will be featured in the magazine! Your payment of $15 secures a single page for the magazine issue or if you pay $25 you still get a double-page spread. If you are selected for the cover, you will be featured on the cover, the back cover and an additional two-page spread inside the issue! 
  • Does the art for my artist pages in the issue have to relate to the art contest theme? 
    • No. The artwork you submit on the forms for your artist pages does not have to connect with the theme. It can if you'd like to - we certainly welcome it! But, it does not have to. 
  • What size do my photos have to be?
    • All images submitted must be 300dpi so they are print quality. We offer the magazine online and as a printed edition so we must cater to the higher resolution needs of printing. 
  • Do I need a professional photographer to take pictures of my art in order to contribute? 
    • We do not require professional photos of your artwork but do require the art to be in focus, have proper color balance and good composition. If you are uncertain if your images meet these specifications, please email us a sample to review. Thanks!