Friday, February 28, 2014

March 2014 Issue / Women in Art 278

Women in Art 278 is proud to announce the release of our March 2014 issue. And, we are even happier to announce the winner of our cover page art contest: American Artist Angela Treat Lyon! Our cover page art pays tribute to Access to Clean Water because March 22nd is World Water Day! Angela's art embodies the power and strength of beings as well as the strength, beauty and power of water. It's important that those with access to clean water not waste or pollute it. Waste we create directly impacts all living beings as well as our planet.

The mission of our magazine is to showcase talented female artists from across the globe but we would be remiss if we didn't also take the opportunity to talk about (or use art in lieu of our words) incredibly important social issues that afflict every country around our globe. As female artists, we often find inspiration for our art from our daily lives, by society, by nature and ... well, it seemed fitting to incorporate some of these global issues into our magazine. 

As always, we offer our magazine three ways. (1) as a free e-magazine (2) as a printed edition that is shipped directly to your home or office and (3) as a digital download so people have the option to print it locally. Below are both links to the March 2014 issue. 

To purchase a printed edition or digital download: 

March 2014: Women in Art 278 Magazine
52 pages 
Announcing our March 2014 issue featuring artists from India, Australia, Poland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Chile, Slovenia, Canada and the United States. Congratulations to Angela Treat Lyon, our cover page artist whose artwork honors the global issue: Access to Clean Water. To contribute to the magazine or to learn more visit us at

To read the electronic edition: 

We hope you enjoy this issue, which offers beautiful artwork from the following artists ... 

Aleksandra Bandomir of Poland: Digital Painting
Amy Barker of Canada: Photography
Angela Treat Lyon of the USA: Painting & Sculpture
Brandi Fitzgerald of the USA: Photography
Carla Golembe of the USA: Painting & Illustration
Ellyn Peirson of Canada: Photographic Art
Eva van Rhee of Switzerland: Photography
Gabrijela Železnik of Slovenia: Mandala Paintings
Gloria di Simone of Italy: Tempera on Watercolor Paper
Janet Immordino of the USA: Watercolor
Leslie Fuqua of the USA: Digital Fine Art
Liesl Marelli of the USA: Photography
Maisie Jewkes of Spain: Silk Painter & Original Pattern Design
Meaghan Troup of the USA: Oils
Natalia Alterna of Chile: Illustration and Graffiti 
Ren Adams of the USA: Printmaking, Hybrid, Digital
Rita Palm of Australia: Realism
Seema Krishnakaumar of India: Photography, Social Documentary
Stella Jacoby of the USA: Hand Blown Glass
Suzanne Williams of Canada: Artographer
Vanda Omjec of Slovenia: Mandala Paintings

If you are a female artist and would like to showcase your art in our magazine, please use the contact information on the side of our blog to reach out. We'd also love to have you follow us on Facebook --

Thanks again for supporting the arts!!