Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shining Bright in the Spotlight!

Artists & Readers, I am pleased to announce that this morning we noticed our first commercial review. The review, written by Illustrators Journal, was positive and to the point. It was great seeing the artwork they selected as well -- Daniela Cecille Fodor's Acrylic Painting (featured in our November 2013 issue) was perfect for the review because of the rich colors and feminine subject.

Admittedly, it is unfortunate that magazines such as ours are classified by gender. That being said, because women are so greatly underrepresented in the art world on a professional level, it's why we chose to create a female-only art magazine. At Women in Art 278 Magazine, we support ALL artists but are dedicated to women in art. It's our goal to elevate, support and showcase a handful of amazingly talented and deserving female artists each month. Some of our artists have shown in galleries across the globe while others are simply unable to do so - either out priced or geographically [ or culturally ] restricted.

Many thanks to Illustrators Journal for checking out Women in Art 278 and giving us a positive review!

We'd also like to announce that we are working hard to have our printed edition offered at a few museums. If you have a local art museum where you'd like the magazine offered, please contact us so we can reach out to the staff directly.

Thanks again to all of our fans & artists for supporting Women in Art 278!

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