Friday, January 31, 2014

February 2014 Issue: Celebrating Multilingualism

We are pleased to announce the release of our February 2014 issue featuring Tina Alberni's artwork on our cover to celebrate International Mother Language Day. (Congrats, Tina!!)

Also featured in our February issue are the following artists:
  • Patricia Van Lubek of New Zealand: Painting, Oil on Canvas
  • Elena Kotliarker of Isreal: Abstract Expressionism
  • Stephanie Neville of the United Arab Emirates: Embroidery
  • Melanie Brzoski-Mathieu of France: Photography
  • Manuela Sisini Garcea of Switzerland: Painting
  • Olga Gal of Spain: Natura Muerta
  • Nevenka Sabo of Serbia: Fine Art
  • Angie Hamlin of the USA: Acrylic, Watercolor, Mixed Media
  • Berangere Ferrand of Canada: Photography
  • Bonny Willett of the USA: Abstract & Figurative Sculpture
  • Emily Stauring of the USA: Fine Art Photography
  • Eva Folks of Canada: Fine Art
  • Guenevere Schwien of the USA: Oil Painting 
  • Karen Fleschler of the USA: Watercolor on Paper
  • Karina Llegro of the USA: Fine Art
  • Larissa Holt of the USA: Oil/Acrylic Painting, Pen and Ink
  • Liesl Marelli of the USA: Photography
  • Martha Downs of the USA: Custom Wood Designs
  • Megan Duncanson of the USA: Acrylic Paintings
  • Myra Evans of Canada: Watercolor and Mixed Media
  • Shaolan Sung of the USA: Oil Painting, Watercolor & Typography Art
  • Susannah Nunamaker of the USA: New Age Native Art
  • Tina Alberni of the USA: Primitivism

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February 2014: Women in Art 278 Magazine
42 pages, published 1/29/2014
Women in Art 278 Magazine features female artists from across the globe. This issue features artists from New Zealand, Israel, United Arab Emirates, France, Switzerland, Spain, Serbia, Canada and the United States of America. February's cover page art by Tina Alberni is in recognition of International Mother Language Day (Celebrated February 21). For more information or to contribute to the magazine visit Thank you for supporting…