Monday, January 13, 2014

Believe in your dreams

As artists we pour our heart and soul into the art we create. We "put it all out there" and leave a piece of us with everyone who shares a love for our art. It's an incredibly rewarding industry but we also know that it can be tough making a living as a female artist, which is why Women in Art 278 is dedicated to working with all types of artists. We work with artists who have been creating for years but are only recently selling art and we work with artists on the other end of the spectrum - women who are highly successful and are already internationally known. 

No matter how successful we all are (in our own right) we do know that sometimes we can experience a bit of doubt about our art, our time dedication to creating it and our ability to sell it. During the great days, months and years or the bad ones ... know that you have a fan in your corner cheering you on.

Stay inspired, Artists. The world needs your beauty. 

                       Women in Art 278