Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Women in Art 278 Release: January 2014

We are so excited to kick off the new year in style ... with the release of our January 2014 magazine issue. Women in Art 278 congratulates cover page artist Jennifer Mourin of Malaysia, who won the Global Family art contest. You can learn more about her artwork as well as many other artists in our e-magazine or in our printed edition (both links provided below).

Our January 2014 issue is happy to feature the following artists:

Asian Artists
  • Aditi Bhatt of India: Impressionism, Expressionism 
  • Jennifer Mourin of Malaysia: Figurative 
  • Nazli Pinar Kamaci of Turkey: Boho Chic Fiber Art Jewelry & Accessories 
  • Stephanie Neville of United Arab Emirates: Embroidery 
European Artists
  • Birgit Kalkofen of Spain: Painting
  • Plamena Antonova of Bulgaria: Wood Carvings
  • Svetlana Senchurova of Ukraine: Origami, Painting & Photography
  • Vanya Toncheva of Bulgaria: Handmade Jewelry
North American Artists
  • Amanda Hopkins of Connecticut, USA: Photography & Jewelry Design
  • Amy Thornton of Kentucky, USA: Jewelry
  • Anita Miller of Virginia, USA: Fine Art Photography
  • Anne Klar of Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Three Dimensional Sculpted Painting
  • Avesha Michael of California, USA: Handcrafted Porcelain Jewelry & Home Decor
  • Diana Saputo of New York, USA: Handmade Artistic Jewelry & Handbags
  • Erin Rogers Pickering of New Jersey, USA: Watercolor Paintings & Illustrations
  • Helena Tiainen of California, USA: Painting
  • Hirjalda Mobley of Florida, USA: Handmade Shoe Clips & Accessories
  • Joey Nash of British Columbia, Canda: Oil, Watercolour & Pencil
  • Laurie Beringer of Ohio, USA: Jewelry Design
  • Liesl Marelli of Florida, USA: Photography
  • Linda Wood of California, USA: Mixed Media
  • Noshaba Bakht of Missouri, USA: Arabic Calligraphy & Trees
  • Samantha Miller of California, USA: Photography
  • Shaolan Sung of New York, USA: Oil Painting & Typography Art
  • Tracie Blyther of Colorado, USA: Designer Soaps & Essentials

We encourage our readers and artists to share links to the e-magazine and printed edition on their Facebook pages, Blogs, Websites, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. We appreciate everyone for supporting Women in Art 278 and the artists we showcase. We offer a diverse collection of talent so that every single one of our readers can find an artist with whom they can visually connect.

January 2014 / e-Magazine

January 2014 / Printed Edition

Women in Art 278

January 2014 Issue

50 pages, published 12/31/2013
Announcing the release of Women in Art 278's January 2014 issue. Congratulations to Malaysian Artist Jennifer Mourin, our cover page artists whose artwork honors Global Family Day through her inspiring breastfeeding-influenced art. To contribute to the magazine or to learn more visit us at www.Art278.org.
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