Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shopping Tips for the Holiday Season

I know many societies tell us that we "need" name brand items or should shop discount at the large chain stores such as Walmart but what does that money do? Does it help out the cashiers? Does it help the people manufacturing those goods in countries hidden from our purview? Often times it simply makes the owners and shareholders rich but doesn't affect the many wonderful employees who keep those businesses operating.

How about this holiday season you shop from local and independent artists. Money paid toward small businesses makes a huge difference. It will help the artist or small business owner buy gifts for their families, pay bills, grow their businesses and hopefully expand them enough that they hire additional workers! Yes, oh, yes, shopping directly from the artists and small businesses matter greatly!

Etsy is a wonderful platform to purchase handmade goods from independent artists. In fact, many of the artists featured in Women in Art 278 magazine have an online store so you can shop online, order from them directly (perhaps even get a customized, original piece of art!) and help their business grow!

I know the temptation of insanely low prices are everywhere but even if you buy a few gifts from independent artists this holiday season, you'll truly make a difference for them.

     Warm Regards,
           L. Marelli
           Proud Mother & Small Business Owner