Saturday, November 30, 2013

Our December issue is here!

It's that time! Women in Art 278 is proud to announce the release of our December issue. And, we are even happier to announce the winner of our cover page art contest: Ilisa Millermoon! As many of you are aware, our December issue is our first "themed" cover - this month pays tribute to Human Rights, which is internationally recognized on December 10th. Ilisa Millermoon's art is a beautiful representation of a person breaking away from imprisonment and finding their freedom.

The mission of our magazine is to showcase talented female artists from across the globe but we would be remiss if we didn't also take the opportunity to talk about (or use art in lieu of our words) incredibly important social issues that afflict every country around our globe. As female artists, we often find inspiration for our art from our daily lives, by society, by nature and ... well, it seemed fitting to incorporate some of these global issues into our magazine. 

As always, we offer our magazine two ways. (1) as a free e-magazine and (2) as a printed edition that is shipped directly to your home or office. Below are both links to the December issue. 

To purchase a printed edition: 

December Draft
68 pages, published 12/1/2013
Women in Art 278 Magazine features female artists from across the globe. Our December 2013 issue features artists from Israel, Australia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, Chile and the United States. This issue's cover page art is in recognition of Human Rights Day (December 10). For more information or to contribute to the magazine visit Thank you for supporting the arts!

To read the electronic edition: 

We hope you enjoy this issue, which offers beautiful artwork from the following artists ... 

Ami Raime (oil & acrylic paintings - USA) 

Amy Barker (photography - Canada) 
Annelies Van Biesbergen (painting - Netherlands) 
Barbara Bailey (painting - USA) 
Brandi Fitzgerald (fusion art & photography - USA) 
Charlotte Farhan (abstract expressionism - United Kingdom) 
Cindy Ginter (ceramics - USA) 
Cynthia Spencer (functional & sculptural ceramics - USA)
Dawn Dishaw (functional ceramics - USA) 
Durga Garcia (photography - USA) 
Elspeth McLean (painting - Canada) 
Fiona Zakka (painting - Greece) 
Gabriela Horikawa (oil painting - USA) 
Ilene Adams (mixed media & photography - USA) 
Ilisa Millermoon (intuitive energy art - USA) 
Iris Grace (painting - United Kingdom) 
Isabella Marzec (jewelry design - USA) 
Jackie Carpenter (painting - USA) 
Karen Lewis (mixed media - Australia) 
Lana Guise (painting - Italy)
Laurel Fulton (landscape oil paintings - USA)
Laurie Beringer (jewelry design - USA) 
Liesl Marelli (photography - USA) 
Liiki Kuuk (pattern design - Estonia) 
Oli Divisova (ceramics - Czech Republic) 
Sarah Parys (mixed media -USA ) 
Sarah Worthen (artisan jewelry - USA) 
Sigrid Vondran (acrylic painting - Germany)
Sigalit Eshet (mosaics - Israel) 
Suzanne Stacy (abstract expressionism -USA) 
Tatiana Cuneo Olhaberry (handmade accessories - Chile) 
Vivian Anderson (painting - Australia) 
Zarema Mamedova (abstract landscape & floral art - USA)

If you are a female artist and would like to showcase your art in our magazine, please use the contact information on the side of our blog to reach out. We'd also love to have you follow us on Facebook --

Thanks again for supporting the arts!!