Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Printed Edition

The printed edition is STUNNING! The quality of print is not your average, run-of-the-mill magazine quality. Women in Art 278 showcases everyone's art with nearly unmatched vibrancy, clarity, color-accuracy and quality.

Part of the reason that it's so affordable for artists to participate in the magazine is that the print edition is available but not included in participation. We do this for a few reasons (1) is to keep the cost low per page so artists aren't priced out the magazine - just imagine the cost if we calculated printing and shipping to all of our artists to include our many international artists and (2) because we value our environment and don't want to send copies to people who might otherwise not want a copy.

Having said that, if you are interested in a printed edition, you will be pleasantly surprised. Included are a few samples of the printed magazine. I wish I could convey the way the paper felt to the touch - the thick and sturdy pages, the way the colors leap off the pages ... but alas, we hope you purchase a copy for your coffee table or to share with friends who are also art aficionados.

To purchase a printed edition click here