Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The October issue is here!!

We are so proud to make this announcement ... the October issue is here!

There are two ways to check it out (1) you can view it for free online or you can (2) purchase the printed edition. Now, when I call this a magazine, it's certainly more than that. The quality for the print edition is simply amazing - not those flimsy thin pages but thick pages with amazingly vibrant colors that do each artists' work justice.

Our Artists Featured this issue include

  • Nora Lemmon of Durban, South Africa: Acrylic & Mixed Media
  • Stephanie Neville of Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Embroidery
  • Kylie Jones of South Wales, Australia: Handmade Jewelry
  • Lorena Balea-Raitz of Queensland, Australia: Fashion Illustration
  • Magdalene Marx of Queensland, Australia: Furniture & Accessories 
  • Irena Pilarczyk of Pilica, Poland: Knitting & Crochet Clothing & Accessories
  • Klara Arnaudova of Sofia, Bulgaria: Painting on Silk & Felt
  • Silvia Cataudella of Milano, Italia: Painting
  • Violeta Petrova of Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Handmade Bags & Accessories
  • Angie Harris of Missouri, USA: Photography
  • Augusta Lucas Andreae of Oregon, USA:  Visionary & Mandala Art
  • Brandi Fitzgerald of Pennsylvania, USA: Fusion Art & Photography
  • Danielle Manton of Florida, USA: Figurative/Symbolism
  • Diana Birdwell of Tennessee, USA: Photography & Poetry
  • Elizabeth Holliday of Tennessee, USA: Apparel Outerwear 
  • Ginette Callaway of Georgia, USA: Impressionism
  • Hadley Sedgwick of Georgia, USA: Ceramics
  • Heather Jackson of North Dakota, USA: Zines & Writing
  • Jamie Lundberg of Illinois, USA: Home Decor & Stationary
  • Laurie Beringer of Ohio, USA: Jewelry Design
  • Liesl Marelli of Florida, USA: Photography
  • Meredith O'Neal of Texas, USA: Oil Painting
  • Paula DiLeo of California, USA: Whimsical Art Mixed Media
  • Suzanna Solomon of Oregon, USA: Beading
  • Theresa Durant of California, USA: Macro Photography
  • Yangyang Pan of Ontario, Canada: Painting & Glicee Prints
  • Zarema Mamedova of New York, USA: Abstract Landscape & Floral Art

Read it online for free click here

Purchase a copy click here
Women in Art 278 (October 2013)
70 pages, published 10/1/2013
Women in Art 278 Magazine featuring female artists from across the globe. This issue features artists from the Italy, Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, Australia, South Africa and the USA. For more information or to contribute to the magazine visit art278.org. Thank you for supporting the arts!