Sunday, September 29, 2013

Contribution Guidelines along with Commonly Asked Questions & Answers

Women in Art 278 offers artists an means to communicate and showcase their art with a new audience. We accept photographers, painters, sculptors, ceramic artists, mixed-media artists, poets, song writers, jewelry designers, fashion designers and more.

In order to participate in our magazine you have to meet a few basic requirements though ...

  1. You must be an established artist with a footprint on the web, which means you must have a way for clients to view a collection of your work online whether it be through your website, Pinterest, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, Flickr, etc. 
  2. You must have the ability to photograph your art. This is the easiest for digital artists because it's a simple file transfer but for many artists, photographing their work requires more time, energy and skill. Proper exposure, composition, color and focus is required. That doesn't mean you have to commission a professional photographer but it does mean that the photos you submit (on your own or with assistance from a photographer) must be professional. If you are unsure if the photography you have of your artwork will meet our expectations, read this blog we wrote about how to photograph your art. Also, you can reduce the file size and send us a sample. We are happy to review your photograph and let you know if it will be accepted. 
  3. We prefer publishing adult artists (18 or older) but exceptions may be made on an individual basis.
  4. And, did we mention you must be female or define yourself as female? Tis true. We promote only female artists so no guys allowed. (Sorry, gentlemen!) 

Do you meet the basic qualifications? GREAT! Here's what you'll need ...

  • [Optional] Have an artist statement prepared or a write up (in a word document) and have your name included in the word document. For example, "Jane Doe Artist Statement" You are welcome to submit your artwork without an artist statement, if you prefer. You may also submit an artist statement in YOUR native language. Artist statements are optional. As you will notice with other issues, some artists let their artwork speak for itself. 
  • Prepare your artwork. Be sure your images are at print-quality so that means 300dpi and no low-resolution photos. Our magazine is available online as in print so we must have images that cater to the higher print needs. All images must also be named with this format: FILE ARTISTNAME_NAMEOFWORK_GENRE 
  • Image file size be no greater than 3.4 MB
  • Digital watermarking (signatures) is not permitted. Signatures for artists who paint (and the signature is a part of the artwork) is accepted. Artists who add in a digital watermark, stamp or logo must not be included in their submission. All digital stamps and watermarks must be removed before submitting. 
  • Ready to submit? Please Fill out this Online Artist Submission Form. At the end of the form you will be prompted to pay for a single page or a double page.  
  • If you would like to join us but cannot pay fee for a single or double page, please apply for sponsorship here

The deadlines for the next issues are available here on our Submission form. We encourage artists to sign up for this email list (click here) so you are notified about changes to the issues, deadlines, etc.

Q: Who writes the information about the artist?
A: The individual artist provides the write up -- and we hope that our artists who speak other languages decide to submit their statements in languages other than English. Artists who do not speak English as a first language can rest assured that we will help edit the English. Artists may write in first person or third. Artists may submit an artist statement, write something that relates to the specific pieces on their pages, describe their approach to art, etc. However, formal resumes are prohibited.

Q: Who decides the layout? 
A: The editor of Women in Art 278 determines the layout for each artist's page.

Q: Where can I go to get a copy of the magazine?
A: Women in Art 278 offers the magazine for free online and a printed edition. However, we print on demand for clients, readers and artists. We do ship internationally. Contributing artists do not receive a free printed edition of the magazine because our goal is to keep costs low for our artists. A free electronic (online) version of the magazine is available to all viewers here.

Q: How do I submit my artwork for the cover page? 
A: Each issue we will feature one or more artists to feature on our cover page (front and back). All participating artists are eligible for the cover page contest. Artwork for the cover will be selected by composition, quality of work and how it looks vertically. Vertical images are preferred. So if you'd like your artwork selected, be sure to submit an image at 3.4 MB that is a vertical format. Images must be 300 dpi.  How do you find out if your image is 300DPI? Watch this video for Mac users / Watch this video for PC users on Youtube.

Q: What is Women in Art 278's readership? 
A: Our magazine began in October 2013 and already has more than 40,000 readers worldwide (and growing!). Having said that, with each and every issue, our magazine will attract more artists and readers. We do not sell our magazine in stores (yet) but may consider it in the future. We encourage contributing artists to share links to the printed and free issues on their website, Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google+ accounts. [ Please remember to use #art278 when writing about it on your social media accounts ] You can also follow Women in Art 278 on Facebook!

Q: What's up with the title "Women in Art 278?"
A: Launching an art magazine and asking artists to contribute to a new venture is daunting. So, the number at the end of our magazine was our way of honoring the 27 women who contributed to the first issue and the 8 countries they represented. We appreciate all of the artists who contribute but feel even more love for the artists who too that leap of faith on our magazine's first issue! We are THRILLED that the artists who contributed as well as readers alike have written us to share their positive reviews about the publication. 

Q: Can I watermark my images?
A: Watermarks are not permitted on artwork featured in Women in Art 278. While we understand the reason many artists do add watermarks to their photographed art when it's displayed online, we ask that all watermarks are removed from submitted artwork. Please note, there is a difference between artists who sign their work (as many painters do, for example) and digital artists who add a digital watermark to their artwork to protect it from online theft. Signed, such as signed paintings and sculptures, artwork is accepted. Digitally places watermarks and signatures are not permitted.

Q: I submitted 7 images but only some were used. Why?
A: We ask artists to submit up to 7 images so we have some flexibility with the layout/design. However, we don't promise all 7 images are used. In fact, we often use less so the artwork can be larger and create a more dynamic spread. After all, we offer hyperlinks on each artist's page to more of their online work so readers/clients who connect with their work and would like to view more can easily do so. Crowding an artist's page with numerous photos looks disjointed based on the variety and color pallet. We opt for an easy-to-read spread and hope that artists enjoy seeing their artwork in a new format (as part of a magazine!). Artists who purchase a single page may have even less items used -- we might use one or two images as well as an excerpt from a write up. Space is limited and we don't crowd the pages. We want Women in Art 278 to be as much of a work of art as the artwork itself!

Q: I submitted 3 social media accounts to display on my page(s) and in the directory. Why is only one listed?
A: You will notice that we've changed the hyperlinks in our magazine. We went from showing numerous links on artist pages to simply one. In the back directory, we will list one or two links to your work (this is primarily for those who receive the printed edition and cannot, of course, use the hyperlinks on the pages). How do we decide which hyperlinks to use and why do we ask for so many? Some artists provide hyperlinks we simply cannot publish. Here are examples of links we will not publish:

Accepted Example:
Accepted Example:

You'll notice that the rejected links that we will not publish in the directory in the back are long, convoluted links. We strongly suggest creating a more direct link to pages you submit, whether it's facebook, google+, linkedin, etc. The primary hyperlink we use for your art is the first one you submit on the form. Typically this is the artist's personal/business website.

Q: I don't which images of my art to submit. Any suggestions? 
A: The best way to submit images is to group them as a collection, whether that means similar colored artwork, similar genre and so on. Also, the images we will select for a page with multiple pieces of artwork will be similarly photographed -- for example, jewelry pieces should often have the same lighting (warmer colors (a more yellow hue to the photo) or cooler colors (a bluer hue to the photos) will be selected and grouped on a page. We like to offer a clean and cohesive display for our readers. Plus, a more cohesive collection shows better.

Q: How many images should I submit if I only purchase a single page? 
A: We recommend still submitting the maximum number of images allowed. Why? Because first of all, we'll select your images that have the highest quality for printing. Some artists submit images lower than 300 dpi and so we eliminate those immediately and then select a design based on the remaining images. If the images coordinate, if the sizes go nicely with text ... all of these little things matter. Also, with a single page, we try to create a harmonious balance with the artist on the opposing page. So the more images submitted, the easier it is for layout design for your page.

Q: How do I know if my images are high resolution for the magazine? 
A: We completely understand that not everyone is computer savvy. Digital artists and Photographers have a much easier time creating and submitting art that fits the specs (3.4MB at 300 DPI). We suggest artists watch these two videos on Youtube. One is for Mac users and one is for PC users ...  Watch this video for Mac users / Watch this video for PC users on Youtube.

Q: How do I take a good photo of my art? 
A: Photographing artwork is no simple feat. There are many suggestions but here's a basic run down for you if you don't own a professional camera or have studio lights. First, check on your camera phone or on your digital camera that the image size is set to the largest file size. Secondly, don't have a bright light shining on the art. This can cause a glare. Try using indirect, natural lighting. Place your camera on a sturdy surface instead of holding it in your hands -- and set the camera to timer. This way, you reduce the chance of any shaking or blurring. Next, upload it to your computer and verify the image size and resolution (see above for Mac and PC users). You should be fine submitting it that way. We also recommend watching this short video by Saatchi Art for how to photograph your artwork:  watch here on Youtube.

Q: May I submit artwork to more than one magazine issue? 
A: Yes. Absolutely. The only catch is that the submitted (and published) art for an artist's page must vary in each issue. So, what you submit (and see published) in one issue, may not be submitted and re-published in another issue within that calendar year. Our magazine is published in January, April, July and October.

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